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Tray Feeding Solutions

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Bonding tools, Trays and Magazines

Quasys has over 30 years experience in bonding. We offer bonding tools, downholders, shear tools, ejector needles, wire hooks, rubber tips and much more for die bonders and wire bonders. For the feeder segment we are able to offer various standard trays and magazines, as well as customized solutions.

Our product range includes: 

  • Rubber tips and holders
  • High-temp plastic tips
  • Epoxy dispensing tools
  • Ejector needles
  • Needle holder and pepperpots
  • Electronics Flame Off (EFO) (for alle wire bonders)
  • Shear tools (for all bond testers)
  • Wire pull hooks (for all bond testers)
  • Vacuum tweezer
  • Suction cups for packages
  • IC trays / Jedec trays
  • Multi channel trays
  • Lead frame magazine
  • EOL trim & form magazines
  • Customized magazines
  • Heat sinks

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