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Various ways to connect

The requirements in the semiconductor test are diverse, we at Quasys have made this to our base job to find suitable solutions for all conceivable situations. You give us your specifications and we select the optimal test solution for you from the portfolios of our partners.

Regardless of whether you need a test socket, a specific contactor solution or maybe just looking for the right contact pin, we have the products you need to push your project.

Because of the close cooperation with our partners, we have a variety of options in all areas of semiconductor testing. It doesn't matter whether you want to do a final test in production, process out analyzes or qualifications or do one of the many stress tests that a semiconductor has to pass. Whether you want to carry out Burn-In, HAST, HTOL, LTOL or your own highly demanding test concept, we will provide you with the right contacting solutions, because we not only offer standard solutions but also break new ground for you.

We are your reliable partner for reliable contacts.

Test Socket Solutions:

Standard test sockets / contactors

  • Low cost with always high quality
  • Hundreds of available IC test socket types  (LGA, BGA, QFN, OFP, SOP, TSSOP, WLCSP, SOIC…)
  • Clamshell or open top
  • Test sockets with thru-hole pins or compression mount

Semi customized test sockets / contactor

  • Base program of test sockets / conductors
  • Easy to modify to your specific requirements
  • Customized test solutions with low cost
  • Clamshell, open top, top openings, separate lids
  • Odd devices sizes

Fully customized test solutions

  • Clamshell, open top, top opening
  • Failure analyzing (FA-sockets)
  • Multi-site sockets
  • Vertical closing
  • Customized lids
  • Special heat dissipation
  • Special device sizes
  • If you need a customized design, we have the right test solution for you

Extreme test conditions

  • Burn-In
  • HAST
  • HTOL
  • LTOL
  • Tri-temp
  • And more…

Electrical requirements

  • High current pins
  • High frequency pins
  • Kelvin contacts
  • Non-magnetic pins
  • Various contact pins available

Mechanical requirements

  • Solutions for very small pitches
  • Extreme stable test contactors
  • Solutions with flexible inserts
  • Sockets for manual and autoload

Individual requirements

  • Sensitive contactor solutions
  • Vertical closing lids
  • Bare Die solutions
  • And much more…

Special connectors

  • Pin in plastic insert
  • Cost efficient using H pin
  • RF connectors
  • Individual product designs
  • Lower size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C solutions)

Cleaning products

  • Cleaning liquids
  • Surface refresher
  • Abrasive and non-abrasive lint-free cloth
  • Cleaningpads
  • Magic Eraser Pads
  • Online-Cleaning Pads
  • Individual Consulting

Samples for Special Solutions:


…place sockets onto a very fine PCB structure.
Realized by a high density interposer (fine pitch connector) and a routed interface pcb to contact standard test sockets.

Tri-Temp Test

from very cold to hot in a few minutes…
Fast temperature changes with fully heating and cooling process control plus access to the device.

save time – save money – be accurate

Contact Person:

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Süd Europa

Our partners:

  • 40+ years experience in Burn-In sockets and test contactors
  • QFN socket specialist with hundreds of available designs
  • LGA / BGA solutions
  • Low cost / high performance test sockets
  • Semi-/ full-customized test sockets
  • High current / high frequency spring probes (H-Pins)
  • Thru-hole & spring probe solutions
  • Customized connector designs (SWaP-C)
  • Many different types of contact elements
  • Huge range of test socket types (FA; Burn-In; HAST; final test)
  • All package types (QFN; QFP; LGA; BGA; WLCSP; TSSOP; SOIC and more)
  • Very small contact pitches (from 90μm)
  • Very high frequencies test sockets (5G/100GHz)
  • Multi-site sockets
  • Very flexible in customized socket designs
  • Vertical and side contactors
  • Kelvin contact solutions
  • Non magnetics test sockets
  • High end test solutions
  • Customized test sockets & designs
  • Multi-site sockets
  • Final test sockets
  • Failure analysis sockets
  • Leading edge technologies for test sockets
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Interposers
  • Small contact pitches from 200μm
  • Leading edge technology for contact solutions
  • Specialist for extreme test conditions
  • Burn-In, HAST, HTOL / LTOL and Tri-Temp solution
  • Very robust & flexible test sockets
  • Kelvin contact solutions
  • Bare Die and WLCSP specialist
  • Customized temperature management
  • Customized contactor solutions and qualifications

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