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Nordson Dage

Nordson March Plasma

Plasma systems

MARCH Plasma is a leading provider of high performance plasma systems and one of the pioneers of this relatively new technology. Primary applications are  treatment of PC boards, substrates, carriers, wafers and many other products which require surface activation and/or removal of organic material.
In many Microelectronic applications bond force of Die Bonds and Wire Bonds have been significantly improved and are standard for critical automotive electronics. Underfill of Flip Chips improves wicking speed and surface wetting. In many applications yield can be improved significantly with Plasma treatment. However, this is only possible if Gas and Gas composition, Power and Process time are fine tuned and optimized for each different  application.

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Desktop model for small lot sizes


Direct or downstream plasma, 600W at 13.56 MHz.



Model for medium batch sizes


Direct or downstream plasma, large chamber of 457x457x610mm, for up to 12 magazines.


Flextrak Pre-Bond

As a batch system for medium batch sizes


Or – with handler – for in-line applications and high throughput.


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Flextrak Wafersystem

For descum process


For flip chip applications on wafer.


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