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Feeder, tray stackers
Large format cassette load tray feeder


Tray Feeding Solutions

High Speed Fully Automatic Fine Wire Bonder


Semiconductor Back-End

Test Sockets for various ways to connect

Test Socket / Tools

Connection Concept

Easily integrates with your machine to add tray automation Handles Large Format Trays, Custom Trays, and Thermoform Trays within 300 × 400 mm dimension
TF3 HD – Random Access

  • Random Access Cassette load tray feeder
  • Handles thermoform trays in steel steets
  • Handles a huge number of trays smaller than 400 × 300 mm
  • Very compact form factor
  • Pay load 45 kg for increase autonomy
  • Operator friendly loading/unloading
  • Easy to integrate
  • Loads two JEDEC trays at a time with 40 tray capacity

The TF3 HD is our largest tray feeder. It is designed to automate custom-sized trays, thermoform trays, and multiple tray types in a single production run. Trays are loaded onto carrier plates into a cassette. This keeps the trays flat and supported during production. It loads and unloads tray sizes that fit on the 400 × 300 mm sheet to and from your machine. Multiple smaller trays can fit on one sheet, which increases production between tray exchanges and operator reloading time. Reloading can be done while your machine is running, so production is not interrupted.

Quasys Feeders

Large format cassette load tray feeder

Tray Feeder
TF3-HD Random Access

  • Heavy Duty Feeder
  • Multi Component Feeder
  • Metal sheet to feed odd shape trays, thermoform etc.

Pay area 400 x 300 mm
Magazin with 20 Slots, or custom
Pay load 50kg

Customization available

Configuration (HW/SW)

  • Conveyor Standard Length 700 mm
  • Conveyor Custom available, TBD
  • Open Conveyor available, TBD
  • Door swing left or right (standard swing left)
  • Communication Signals serial UDP/IP, TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, SMEMA and dIO (limited)
  • Protocol Basic or Extended, consult comm. protocol

Scope of delivery

  • 1 × TF3 Feeder
  • 1 × Cassette 20 Slots
  • 20 × carrier plate optional

Future option

  • Cassette loading using slides
  • Feeder accepts a Cassette from an AGV


Easily integrate with your machine:

  • SMT Assembly Equipment
  • Singulation Equipment
  • Device Programmers
  • Test Handlers
  • Die Bonders
  • Inspection Equipment
  • Custom Automation


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