Midas Technology is dedicated to building advanced rework equipment for packaged microelectronics. Since 20 years Midas Technology manufactures de-lidders™ which enables non-destructive de-lidding of round/rectangular, metallic, hermetic and seam sealed packages. The Hot Gas Station enables to remove high performance epoxies, solders and eutectics without damaging substrates or neighboring component. 

 de-lidder™ machines remove lids from hermetic packages for rework, quality control and failure analysis. They are designed for use inside cleanrooms by assembly operators and technicians – without requiring machinists.

The proprietary tungsten carbide tools mill smoothly and quietly through the welded outside edge of the lid flange, freeing the lid and leaving a reseal-ready package surface. This time proven process protects packages from particles, vibration, and dimensional changes, so parts can be de-lidded multiple times with pushbutton ease.

D5L6, D5L8, and D5L10 de-lidder™ are designed for straight-sided packages such as bathtub, DIP and butterfly hybrids and multichip modules (MCMs). Choose 6”, 8” or 10” table travel.

The DL-FA de-lidder™ is larger than the standard D5L series because it can safely accommodate attached optical fibers. The datum stop (horizontal reference) is made of steel, and is low profile to fit under side leads and ferrules. The holddown slides back out of the way, to make positioning of packages with fiber coils safer, and coil trays protect the fiber from damage.

The D5R3 (rotary) de-lidder™ is the solution for round packages and headers. The kovar-optimized micrograin carbide tools mill through the cap flange and weld interface as the part rotates on a motorized precision turntable,  recreating a smooth reseal surface on the original header.

The D5RT is the rotary work unit that can optionally be mounted on the linear systems (e.g. D5L6) within minutes. Only one base unit is required and at the same time much more flexibility granted.


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De-lidder D5L6
De-lidder Turntable
De-lidder D5R3
De-lidder Rotating Table

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