Tray Feeder

Quasys produces standard JEDEC tray and waffle pack feeder. Originally developed by Laurier USA, since 2008 the feeders are made in Switzerland and in Germany.

Today, there are more than 1000 installations worldwide in a total of 65 different variations in operation. We offer not only JEDEC trays and waffle pack feeder, but also individual, custom larger or smaller, stackable trays and feeders.

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Watch the feeders in action:

Quasys JTF2 Jedec Tray Feeder

Quasys JTF3 Random Access Feeder



Single Component Feeder. JTF2 JEDEC Tray Feeder for stackable trays. A full stack of 20-30 thin trays can be loaded. Trays can be replenished during production. Stack operation, non-stop run and repeatable placement accuracy, easy to integrate , CE.
Multi-component feeder JTTF3. JEDEC tray feeder with magazine operation. Distribute the trays in the magazine and call it off at any time, multiple times. Replenish trays during operation. Magazine use 18 thin or 14 thick trays. Prepare the new charge outside, very compact, CE.
The Quasys WPS4-PLUS is the automation solution for waffle pack feeding, to load and unload stacks of up to 35 waffle packs without interrupting the assembly equipment.
TF -11 Small Tray Feeder. The TF -11 is for trays with a width of 116 mm, 20 mm narrower than the standard JEDEC tray.
TF -12 Dual Tray Feeder. The TF -12 can record two different trays with different lengths but with the same width of 166 mm.




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