Steel and Metal Processing Solutions

Steel manufacturing consists of high temperature manufacturing steps that use significant amounts of energy. Processes such as coke oven heating, continuous casting, furnace reheating, hot rolling, forging, sintering, and annealing are becoming more and more expensive. Steel facilities need the right tools to ensure they optimize energy usage across their facilities.

With more than 50 years experience in temperature measurement, LumaSense Technologies is an industry leader in process monitoring for all areas of steel manufacturing. Our MIKRON thermal imagers and IMPAC pyrometers provide the steel industry with cutting-edge technology, ease-of-use, and dependability for monitoring critical parameters for productivity and product quality. These solutions are used throughout the steel manufacturing process, where accurate temperature monitoring is required for improved control.


Temperature Measurement in a Coke Oven
Infrared temperature measurement of the air stages and nozzle bricks in a coke oven with special designed portable pyrometer.



Stove Dome and Blast Furnace
Temperature measurement and control are required for maintaining correct operation of the blast furnace. Stove domes contain the gases used to heat the blast furnaces and also house the waste gases.

Torpedo Ladle Monitoring
Optimized insulation inspection by thermographic monitoring of ladles and identifying of a weak spot in the brick lining.

Pouring Stream Measurement
In foundries, non-contact temperature measurement techniques are increasingly replacing the use of conventional thermocouples. Specially designed pyrometers satisfy the specific requirements of the measurement of pouring streams.

Slag Detection
When liquid steel is tapped from a basic oxygen (BOF) or electric arc (EAF) furnace, it is advantageous to minimize the quantity of slag carried over into the ladle. Measuring the pouring stream average temperature during the pour can be a challenge with the presence of slag and oxidation.

Burr Detection on Steel Slabs
The measurement system avoids production losses in downstream processing stages and, in case of customer complaints, high compensation costs.

Hot Rolling / Rolling Mills
Rolling Mills - slabs, bars, billets:
Infrared sensors measure strip and sheet temperature so that rolling mill stands can be efficiently set to match the steel’s temperature. Sensors can be used to detect the presence of hot metal and accurately time the roll stand operation.

Hot Forming
In hot forming applications, correct forming and heat treatment temperatures are instrumental in meeting the specified quality requirements and achieving optimum properties of work pieces. In addition to precise temperature measurements, closed-loop process control and documentation of measured data are required.

Temperature Measurement in Induction Hardening Process
The monitoring and the controlling of temperatures is one of the most important factors to guarantee the required product quality and profitability in induction hardening processes. For these applications pyrometry allows a separate and accurate measurement and documentation of each components temperature.

Progressive Hardening
At progressive hardening processes the inductor moves along the workpiece. To guarantee repeatable and comparable measurement results, fiber optic pyrometers should be used.

Induction Soldering
In induction brazing and soldering applications, correct temperature and heating rates, precise dosing and concentration of heat input and high process repeatability are instrumental in meeting the specified quality requirements and achieving optimum utilization of energy.

Induction Tube Welding
Temperature is a crucial process parameter for satisfactory weld qualities, i.e. the weld seam temperature must be measured and controlled continuously.

Aluminum Extrusion
Generally temperature measurement is required at the following three critical steps in the production process of aluminium extrusion profiles:
- After preheating of the billet
- When the profile exits the die
- When the profile is quenched

Aluminum Forging
The measuring conditions while forging aluminium provide usable and easily repeatable results.
For process control, measurements of semi-finished products after preheating and before forming are also possible.

Aluminum Melt / Aluminum Pouring System
Pouring streams of aluminium can only be measured with pyrometers using the optical non-contact technology. The measurement of aluminium melt in the melting pot is critical.

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